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Laundry and Dairy


Laundry and Dairy buildings

The Church Family Laundry and Dairy buildings stood in the second row of buildings, and were the domain of the Sisters. The Dairy, the two-story building with the cupola in the photo, was originally constructed as a one-story building in 1813. A second story was added in 1825, and an addition was made to the east side of the building later. The cupola was part of a ventilation system designed to keep the building cool, a necessity in the production of dairy products.

Laundry and Dairy buildings

The Laundry building was originally a two-story structure built in 1813. In 1833 a large addition was made to the east side and the entire third story was added. This addition contained water-powered machinery, fed with water from the mill pond behind the Stone Mill on the west side of the main road. The drying room was heated by steam provided by a boiler in the 1854 Cow Barn.

Laundry building

The long single story addition to the Dairy was constructed in 1944 by the La Salette Brothers and has had a variety of uses, most recently serving as the home of the Gift Shop.

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