The mission of the Enfield Shaker Museum, an educational institution, is to preserve and share its historical structures, landscape, and Shaker cultural heritage with our multi-generational visitors, members, and the global community.

Everyday we fulfill our mission by

  • educating our audience about the history of this multifaceted site
  • preserving and expanding the spiritual legacy of the site
  • meeting changing community and organizational needs by supporting activities that foster improved quality of life
  • deepening our audiences’ connection with the Museum through hands-on participation
  • incorporating the Shaker ideals of order, organization, frugality, simplicity, and community into our operations
  • collaborating with other Shaker historic sites and nonprofit organizations to ensure best practices

Enfield Shaker Museum is a community-focused, member-driven organization with an elected Board of Trustees.

Enfield Shaker Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution dedicated to interpreting and preserving the history of the Shakers of Enfield, New Hampshire.

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