The Enfield Shaker Museum’s collections help fulfill the museum’s primary objectives as a preservation and educational organization.  The museum collects objects made by, used by, or illustrative of the life of the Enfield Shakers, the New Hampshire Bishopric Shaker communities, and Shakerism in general.  Objects in our collection range from the most common of everyday objects used by the Shakers, to our largest artifacts, the buildings and site itself.

Objects in our collection receive care to ensure their survival in perpetuity.  Beyond merely preserving the object, the physical piece of Shaker material culture, our collection also preserves the option for future research and education.  The body of knowledge of the Shakers is continually expanding, and what we know today will certainly be added to over time.

For our visitors today, artifacts on display create a tangible, visible connection to the Shakers who formerly lived here.  Shaker material culture is a fascinating introduction to the history of the individuals who formed this unique communal society in Enfield, New Hampshire.