May Calendar Raffle–Fun Facts and Winners

Welcome to the announcement page for the Museum’s 2021 “Spring Forward” May Calendar Raffle!

Winners are announced here daily at noon, along with Fun Shaker Facts. So check back every day in May for even more fun!

In the video below we are BEYOND excited to announce our May 6 Prize Winner, who will be the lucky recipient of a private tour of Enfield Shaker Museum by Museum Curator Michael O’Connor.



And our May 6 Winner is…Carolyn Maloney! Congratulations Carolyn!

In addition to having their name announced here, prize winners will also be emailed with details about how to claim their prize. If you are a prize winner and have not received an email with the subject line “Enfield Shaker Museum Calendar Raffle Prize,” please check your spam folder.

May the best of luck be with you!


Past Winners:

May 1: Judith Golden

May 2: Sharron Wheeler

May 3: Marilyn Brinnick

May 4: Jane Plumley

May 5: Karen Wolk