“My daughter’s evening wedding reception was held at the Enfield Shaker Museum in Enfield, NH in August. The venue was absolutely beautiful! The Museum staff was very easy to work with and they took care of all the details. The events coordinator was wonderful. Most of our out-of-town guests took advantage of the accommodations. I highly recommend the Museum for your wedding.”

“I was married in the Mary Keane Chapel on the grounds of the Shaker Museum, had my cocktail hour in the Great Stone Dwelling, and had my reception at the Stone Mill. I couldn’t have asked for more! I was able to make each aspect of the day personal. Staying with friends and family in the Great Stone Dwelling before and after the big day was a big highlight for me. Finally, the event coordinator at the Museum was extremely kind and helpful the whole way through. Choose the Enfield Shaker Museum for a personalized NH wedding!”

The Enfield Shaker Museum is a beautiful venue for your wedding. The setting is gorgeous, wide open spaces and the nearby lake make it perfect for an outdoor wedding. We were married in the Mary Keane Chapel and then had our reception in the Museum building which is a Shaker building. The architecture and decor are very simple and elegant. Best of all, everything is very convenient. The museum has about 20 guest rooms (very large) on the upper floors, so guests didn’t have to drive anywhere. We had a nice breakfast the next morning and had even more time to spend with our family and guests. The service was wonderful and the price was all inclusive and very reasonable.