We are Hiring: Garden Coordinator

Garden Coordinator

This part-time seasonal associate is responsible for the maintenance and development of Enfield Shaker Museum’s flower and herb gardens, and historic apple orchard. Consults on other gardening/landscape aspects of this historic site.

The Garden Coordinator works with the Community Garden Coordinator(s), staff members, volunteers, students, and board-approved committees on an ongoing basis to meet the overall mission of the Garden and the Museum and to provide a high-quality experience for Museum visitors.



  • Create or curate garden layout following a written plan and budget
  • Order seeds and/or seedlings and supplies (mulch, garden tools, and equipment, etc.)
  • Plant seeds and/or seedlings
  • Transplant and label plants
  • Coordinate regular weeding and watering with volunteers, interns, and students
  • Produce culinary packages or coordinate with volunteers and/or Gift Shop staff
  • Plant Great Stone Dwelling rear porch flower boxes
  • Prepare and submit annual budget for the program


  • Coordinate the ongoing watering
  • Manage the Spring and Fall garden clean ups
  • Maintain and organize the garden shed and tools
  • Prune berry bushes, grape vines, and fruit trees; harvest fruit
  • Manage garden paths and compost piles

Volunteer Program

  • Recruit gardening volunteers
  • Establish and manage schedules
  • Establish and manage work detail (how to plant, water and weed)


  • Establish regular garden tours
  • Develop and coordinate garden workshops
  • Participate in planning and implementing the annual Harvest Festival

Work Environment

Outdoor environment including working with other staff or volunteers on garden operations, educational garden programs, and occasional office work on administrative duties (budgeting, approve invoices, etc.).

Physically able and willing to move around the garden and assist and/or direct others in planting, moving plants and supplies, weeding, etc. and the ability to work in all weather conditions. Ability to lift 50 lb.

Work Experience

  • Horticulture knowledge particularly around perennials, herbs, berries, and fruit trees
  • Previous hands-on gardening experience
  • Excellent project management skills (highly organized with an attention to detail, a quality focus, and ability to multi-task)
  • High quality customer service skills in soliciting and maintaining volunteer relationships
  • Experience with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Educational Requirements

One (1) to five (5) years’ experience in the field of horticultural or gardening knowledge, including familiarity with botanical names. Historical horticulture experience a plus.

Personal Strengths

  • Focus on the C/customer (C = Donors, Members, Visitors) (c = Board members, volunteers, staff)
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • Interpersonal awareness
  • Planning and adapting
  • Problem solving
  • Team effectiveness

Hours: Variable throughout the season (April through October), with no less than 20 hours per week and no more than 32.

Salary: Commensurate with experience.