You Gave!

Last week, New Hampshirites and others participated in New Hampshire Gives. In five days 14,375 donors gave $3,372,405 to 488 organizations in the Granite State–an amazing demonstration of what individuals together may accomplish.

Forty-eight New Hampshire Givers together donated $8,400 to Enfield Shaker Museum. Still others gave directly to the Museum. We are deeply grateful for their loyal largesse!

I hope I do not lessen the liberality of these wonderful donors when I  include our thanks to other, equally wonderful individuals who helped accomplish this great collective deed: board members who telephoned and emailed friends and family to alert them of this giving opportunity, Museum volunteers, members, and friends who shared the message in emails, on listservs, and on social media, and staff members who, working remotely, created a visually rich campaign.

The nineteenth-century sentiment about friendship–that it halves our sorrows and doubles our joys–certain applies to the ever-growing community of friends who constitute and support Enfield Shaker Museum. In this time of stress–and indeed, sorrows–it is both calming and comforting to see the large circle of friends the Museum has. The Museum’s success is due to you, our friends.  Thank you all!

Shirley Wajda, Interim Executive Director