Throughout the 19th century, the Shakers welcomed a wide variety of American and international travelers to their communities. The Shakers accommodated these visitors out of a desire to introduce their religious beliefs and way of life to who they called the “World’s People.” One of the most famous guests of the Enfield Society was President James Monroe, who visited the community during his 1817 tour of New England.

In the spirit of this tradition, groups are always welcome at the Enfield Shaker Museum. Whether it is a corporate outing, a bus tour, or a family gathering, the Museum will provide a variety of different options so that your group will have the best experience possible.

Our regular admission rate for groups of 10 or more people is $12.00 per person. For bus tours, drivers and tour leaders receive complimentary admissions to the Museum. To schedule a group visit, please complete the information form below and the Museum’s Education Coordinator will be in touch shortly.

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