Membership FAQ

Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked by Enfield Shaker Museum members and prospective members. If we don’t answer your questions here, please telephone us at (603) 632-4346 or email us at

How can I become a Member at Enfield Shaker Museum?

You can become a Member or renew and existing membership at Enfield Shaker Museum the following ways:

  1. online here,
  2. in person at our Museum Gift Shop,
  3. by check or credit card via any membership slip you receive in the mail, OR
  4. by calling the Museum at (603) 632-4346

After you become a Member or renew your membership, you will receive a temporary membership voucher which includes your Member code.

What benefits are included with my membership?

Enfield Shaker Museum membership benefits vary by membership level. Visit or consult your membership brochure for a detailed list of benefits by level.

Can I become a Member or renew my membership online?

Yes! You can either join Enfield Shaker Museum as a Member or renew your current membership at Just decide what level you want to join or renew at, add to your cart, and check out like you would using any other ecommerce site.

What's the difference between a membership and a donation?

Membership dues at Enfield Shaker Museum help support Museum general operations and educational efforts. Members at Enfield Shaker Museum receive certain benefits which other donors may not. Donations, on the other hand, give the donor a little more flexibility to request where their funds may be apportioned. For instance, donations may be made to fund certain buildings or preservation projects, towards our education or curatorial departments, or towards certain events.

We appreciate all our supporters equally and encourage you to make the gift that makes the most sense for you!

Can I apply paid admission fees toward my Museum membership?

Yes! General admission fees for your party can be applied towards any Enfield Shaker Museum membership level purchased on the same day with an accompanying receipt.

Can I start using my Member benefits immediately after joining or renewing?

Yes, you can start using your Member benefits immediately! If you join as a Member or renew your membership in person at our Museum Gift Shop, you will receive a temporary membership voucher which will function as a temporary Member card and include your Member Code for any purchases you wish to make online until your membership materials are mailed to you. If you join as a Member or renew your membership online, you will shortly receive a confirmation email which does the same.

How do I use my Member Code to access waived admission on tours, reduced workshop fees, and my 10% discount on overnight stays in ESM's Residing Rooms when purchasing any of these through the Museum's website?

Your Member Code is included on you Member Card. We have two different systems for using your Member Code when accessing Member benefits for (1) waived admission on tours and discounts on residing rooms and (2) reduced workshop fees:

  1. After you add your desired tour or residing room accommodations to your Cart, you will be brought to a preliminary page where you will be prompted to enter a coupon code. This is where you can enter your Member Code and access your Member discounts.
  2. Workshops and selected other offerings will be listed as two different ticket “types” on their event page in the Museum calendar. Choose the “Member” rate to add to your cart and click “Get Tickets.” On the following page, click “Proceed to Checkout.” You will be brought to another page where you will be prompted to enter your Member Code. Make sure you enter your Member Code to access your Member discounts!

Do you have a digital option for membership materials?

Unfortunately, the Museum is not able to provide digital options for any of our membership materials (letters, cards, brochures, etc.) at this time. We are working to be able to provide these options to our Members in the future!

How do I purchase a gift membership?

You can purchase a gift membership for a friend or family member by visiting and selecting “Give a Membership” on the right side of your screen. From there you can choose the membership level you wish to gift and fill out name and contact information for the recipient so that we can them their materials! We recommend including a current phone number, email, AND mailing address in this section to make absolutely sure that the Museum is able to send these materials.

When will my membership expire?

Your Enfield Shaker Museum membership will expire twelve months from your joining or renewal date. Specifically, your membership will expire on the end date of the month in which you join or renew. For instance, if you join or renew on August 8, 2021, your membership will be good for twelve months and expire on August 31, 2022.

If I renew my membership early, what will my new expiration date be?

If you renew your membership before the expiration date, no matter how early, your new expiration date will be your current expiration date plus twelve months. So if you renewed a membership expiring on August 31, 2021 in January 2021, your new expiration date will be August 31, 2022.

Will I be reminded to renew my membership?

Yes! You will be mailed via USPS the month before your membership expires, the month your membership expires, and the month after. You can renew your membership by check or debit/credit card via the slip you receive in the mail, online at, by visiting the Museum Gift Shop in person, or by calling the Museum at (603) 632-4346.

Is my membership tax deductible?

Memberships at Enfield Shaker Museum are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. We advise you to contact a financial advisor for further details.

Can I use my charitable donor advised fund (DAF) to become a Member or renew my membership?

Memberships at Enfield Shaker Museum are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. We advise you to contact a financial advisor if you wish to use funds from your charitable donor advised fund towards membership dues.

How many Member cards do I get my membership? Can I request more cards?

Individual ($50) level memberships are eligible for one Member card. Memberships at the Dual ($60) level and higher are eligible to receive two Member cards, but the second card must be requested by (1) includiluding these instructions in the “Notes” section when joining as a Member or renewing a membership online, or (2) writing these instructions on your membership slip when mailing your membership in or dropping it off.

Otherwise, please email or call (603) 632-4346 to request a second Member card.

Do I need my Member card to visit?

We do recommend that your bring your Member card with you when visiting Enfield Shaker Museum. In lieu of a card, we will be able to look up your membership status when you arrive.

Does my membership include admission for events such as special tours and festivals?

All memberships include free admission, all season long, for special tour and talk programs such as Tuesday Tours, Thursday Things, and From the Collection, or where admission is labeled “free with general admission.” All memberships also include admission for members-only events and tours, unless specified otherwise.

Memberships do not include free admission to special events, such as Harvest Festival and Cider and Cheese Festival, which require admission fees.

Who is included for free general admission under my Family ($75) level membership?

A Family ($75) level membership includes unlimited free general admission for two adults and up to three children ages 17 and under during our regular season. Whoever constitutes this party we leave up to you! Additional members of your party must pay for general admission.

For all other membership levels, please visit or consult your membership brochure for details about who is included for free general admission.

Are children admitted free to the Museum?

Children ages 5 and under are admitted free to the Museum. Admission for children ages 11-17 is $8 per child and for children ages 6-10 is $3 per child.

Can my guests be admitted for free if I show my Member card when visiting?

Members at the Steward ($250) level and above may be able to bring additional guests with them when they visit. Please email or call (603) 632-4346 for more details.

What do I do if I lose my Member card?

If you lose your Member card, you can email or call (603) 632-4346 to request a new card.

Can I lend my card to a friend?

No. Membership benefits are non-transferable and availability only for cardholder(s).

How will I find out about Member-only events?

You will be notified of Member-only events as far in advance as possible. The best and fastest way to learn about Member-only events is to join our email list at

How do I receive a Members-only digital release

Members-only digital releases will be emailed to all Members with an active email address on file at the specified date and time of release. A link to an exclusive video will be included in the email. You will not need your Member Code to access Members-only digital releases.

If you would like to check or replace your email address on file, please email or call (603) 632-4346.

What are North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) benefits? How do I use them?

All current Museum Members at the Sponsor ($125) level and above receive North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) benefits. These benefits include free or reduced admission to 800+ museums throughout North America. To search for participating Museums and their hours and admission rates, visit

For all Members at the Sponsor ($125) level and above, at the lower left hand corner of your Member card should be a gold NARM sticker. You must have this card with you to take advantage of NARM benefits when visiting another museum that participates in the NARM program.

Do I need to have my Member card with a NARM sticker on me when I visit another NARM-affiliated museum?

You must have your Member card (including a gold NARM sticker at the lower left hand corner) with you to take advantage of NARM benefits when visiting another museum that participates in the NARM program.