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The mission of the Enfield Shaker Museum, an educational institution, is to preserve and share its historical structures, landscape, and Shaker cultural heritage with our multi-generational visitors, members, and the global community.

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“The Friends’ Quarterly” is the newsletter of the Enfield Shaker Museum in Enfield, New Hampshire. It is mailed to all museum members and friends. A four-color version is posted in this section of the web site.

Our editor, Carolyn Smith, welcomes your comments, suggestions, and contributions.

The deadline for submissions to the newsletter is the end of the last week of March, June, September, and December.

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Scanning and indexing of The Friends Quarterly has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2022

Annual Report 2022, Vol. XXXII No. 2
Cover: “Without a Doubt: Jason Kidder, Second Family Trustee” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Enfield Shaker Museum Receives Donation of Unique Child’s Chair” by Michael J. O’connor
“Stone Mill Concert Series Debuts: Summer 2022
“History Comes Alive Again in 2022”
“Preservation Update: Dairy Window Restoration”
“2022 Board of Trustees”
“Enfield Shaker Museum Awarded Save America’s Treasures Grant”
“NH Humanities Grant Funds Weather-Wise Exhibit”

Winter 2022, Vol. XXXII No. 1
Cover: “Each Containing But Three Colors” by Michael O’Connor
“The Enfield Chair”
“Museum Chairs Get New Seats”
“Museum Welcomes Development Coordinator Nenia Ballard”
“Preservation Update: Great Stone Dwelling Brickwork Restoration”
“Weather-Wise: 200 Years of Climate Change at Enfield Shaker Village”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2021

Fall 2021, Vol. XXXI No. 3
Cover: “Mascoma Lake and the Enfield Shakers – Part 2” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Museum Wins Second NEH Grant”
“2021 Board of Trustees”
“Recent Acquisition: Enfield Shaker Carrier Donated by Dr. M. Steven Miller”
“Preservation Update: Stone Mill Window Restoration”
“Calling All Knitters, Sewists, and Readers!”

Spring/Summer 2021, Vol. XXXI No. 2
Cover: “Mascoma Lake and the Enfield Shakers – Part 1” by Mary Ann Haagen
“David Mitchell: From Wooden Kayak Paddles to Shaker Oval Boxes” by Nan Munsey
“2021 Spring Shaker Forum Held Online” by Kyle Sandler
“Plymouth State University 2021 Archaeology Field School” by Hannah Dutton
“Member Appreciation Week: An Extravaganza of Gratitude” by Kathryn Jerome
“Apple Pie Season is Coming!”
“ESM Awarded Competitive 1772 Foundation Preservation Grant”
“2021 World Wide Knit in Public Day”

Winter 2021, Vol. XXXI No. 1
Cover: “Bringing Enfield Shaker Recipes from the Past into the Present” by Nan Munsey
“From the Collection” by Michael O’Connor
“2021 Archaeological Field School” by Kyle Sandler
“Museum Garden Update” by Diana Kimball-Anderson
“David R. Starbuck–A Remembrance”
“ESM Preservation Update”
“Enfield Shaker Museum’s Online ‘Shakers 101’ Course” by Kyle Sandler
“Enfield Shaker Museum Receives Bequest From the Estate of Joan Fishman” by Bruce Stefany
“2021 Spring Shaker Forum–Online

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2020

Fall 2020, Vol. XXX No. 3
Cover: “The Enfield Shaker Chair” by Michael J. O’Connor
“Weather-Wise: Historical Records, Contemporary Conversations”
“Chosen Vale, Inc. dba Enfield Shaker Museum 2020 Annual Report”
“2020 Board of Trustees”
“Enfield Shaker Hot Maple Sauce Recipe”
“2021 Archaeological Field School Announcement”

Spring/Summer 2020, Vol. XXX No. 2
Cover: “Perforated Paper Mottoes” by Richard C. Dabrowski
“Laundry Building Window Restoration – Phase I Completed” by Michael O’Connor
“In Memoriam: Gregory C. Schwarz (1951-2020)”
“The Pulse of Preservation at Enfield Shaker Museum”
“Recreating the Enfield Shaker Orchard” by Diana Kimball-Anderson
“ESM Wins National Endowment for the Humanities Grant”
“Our Latest Program: Harvest Festival-to-Go” by Kyle Sandler
“2020 Archaeological Field School: A Search for the 1829 Currier’s Shop” by Kyle Sandler

Winter 2020, Vol. XXX No. 1
Cover: “The Enfield Shakers and Telephones” by Dan Pontbriand
“ESM To Be Featured in New Hampshire Archeological Publication” by Dr. David Starbuck
“Cause Within A Cause Raises Money for Laundry Building Window Restoration”
“Improvements in ESM Collections Storage” by Michael O’Connor
“2019 OSHER Course: Shaker Lives: From Kentucky to Maine” by Kyle Sandler
“2020 Spring Shaker Forum”
“Cider and Cheese Fest 2019”
“2019 Middle School Ecology Camp” by Martha Doelle
“Brethrens’ West Shop Clapboards to be Restored”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2019

Spring/Summer 2019, Vol. XXIX No. 2
Cover: “A Tale of Three Tables” by Richard Dabrowski
“The Rediscovery and Exploration of the 1823 Boys’ Shop: Archaeological Field School 2017 – 2019” by Kyle Sandler
Enfield Shaker Day Opens 2019 Season
“Grills Fellow to Complete Garden Project at ESM”
“2019 Spring Shaker Forum Highlights”
“ESM Launches New Website”
“Recent Acquisitions”

Winter 2019, Vol. XXIX No. 1
Cover: “A Fraught and Perilous Journey: Winter Travel for the New Hampshire Shaker Ministry, 1792-1894” by Kyle Sandler
“Preservation Updates” – West Meadow Barn, Brethren’s Shops, and Great Stone Dwelling Cellar
“Highlights from a Busy Fall at Enfield Shaker Museum” – Harvest Festival, Cider and Cheese Festival, Holiday Cookie Fair, and Festival of Trees
“Recent Acquisitions”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2018

Spring/Summer 2018, Vol. XXVII No. 1
Cover: “2018 Archaeological Field School” by Kyle Sandler
“Dolores Struckhoff Resigns as Executive Director”
“ESM Installs New ADA Compliant Restrooms in Great Stone Dwelling”
“2018 – A Busy and Rewarding Year” by Kyle Sandler
“1854 Cow Barn Roof Restored”
“2018 Spring Shaker Forum Highlights”
“History Alive Update”
“Recent Acquisitions”
“2018 Marks 225th Anniverary of Enfield Shaker Village’s Founding” by Michael O’Connor

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2017

Spring/Summer 2017, Vol. XXVII No. 2
Cover: “A History of Enfield Shaker Museum’s Collections” by Michael J. O’Connor
“Shaker Headstone Comes Home” – Donated by Enfield Resident John Kluge
“Practical Principles of Shakerism Discussion Series” by Lisa Torres
“Preservation Update: Brethren’s West Shop”
“Gardening at the Enfield Shaker Museum” by Kathryn Labrecque
“Bee Keeping Returns to ESM’s Gardens” by George Grama

Winter 2017, Vol. XXVII No. 1
Cover: “Remembering Sister Frances Carr” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Acquisitions Updates: Enfield Shaker Sewing Desks” by Michael O’Connor

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2016

Fall 2016, Vol. XXVI No. 3
Cover: “And this is the Order of your Retiring Rooms: A Discussion of the Archetypal Enfield Retiring Room and the Holy Orders of 1841” by Kyle Sandler
“Recent Acquisitions” by Michael O’Connor
“Geophysical Survey of Shaker Buildings Conducted at Enfield Shaker Museum” – Jesse Casana Leads Team
“Great Stone Dwelling Window Restoration Project: An interview with Jade Mortimer, Window Restorer”
“Second Family Cemetery Gets a Facelift”

Summer 2016, Vol XXVI No. 2
Cover: “Eclipse Corn Planter: ‘Every Farmer Should Have One'”
“Town Votes to Transfer Second Family Cemetery to Museum” by Michael J. O’Connor
“2016 Archaeology Field School” – Church Family Blacksmith Shop
“East Brethren’s Shop Gets New Cellarway”

Winter 2016, Vol XXVI No. 1
Cover: “Three Degrees of Separation” by Carolyn A. Smith
“1854 Cow Barn Update” – Museum Makes Last Mortgage Payment by Dolores Struckhoff
“Melcher Collection Comes Home” by Michael O’Connor

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2015

Fall 2015, Vol XXV No. 3
Cover: “Call for Papers 2016 Spring Shaker Forum April 22 – 24, 2016”
“Preservation Update” – East Brethren’s Shop Clapboards Primed
“Recent Museum Acquisitions” by Michael O’Connor

Summer 2015, Vol XXV No. 2
Cover: “ESM’s First Archaeological Dig” by Michael O’Connor

Winter 2015, Vol. XXV No. 1
Cover: “ESM Acquires 1854 Barn” by Carolyn Smith
“History of the 1854 Cow Barn” by Michael O’Connor
“Great Stone Dwelling Update” by Richard Dabrowski

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2014

Fall 2014, Vol. XXIV No. 1
Cover: “History of the East Brethren’s Shop” by Michael O’Connor
“Recent Acquisitions”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2013

Fall 2013, Vol. XXIII No. 1
Cover: “Building Restoration at the Enfield Shaker Museum” by Michael O’Connor

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2012

Winter/Spring 2012, Vol XXII
Cover: “Shaker Gardening in 1840” by Galen Beale

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2011

Fall 2011, Vol. XXI No. 4
Cover: “Shaker Observances of Christmas” by Todd Burdick
“Capital Projects Continue” – Major Repairs to East Brethren’s Shop Funded by the Butler Foundation

Summer 2011, Vol. XXI No. 3
Cover: “Ties That Bind: The Diary of Perry Kidder” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Progress on the Restoration of the Great Stone Dwelling” – Work on Main Roof, Cupola, Cornice and Chimney Began on April 15

Spring 2011, Vol. XXI No 2
Cover: “The Order of Young Believers at Enfield, New Hampshire” by Stephen Paterwic
“Restoration of the Great Stone Dwelling Main Roof, Cupola and Cornice” – Main Roof Funded by the Timken Foundation; Cupola Funded by the Butler Foundation

Winter 2011, Vol. XXI No. 1
Cover: “A Basket with a Past” by Galen Beale

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2010

Fall 2010, Vol. XX No. 4
Cover: “The Noble History of the Second Family of Shakers, Enfield, NH, 1794-1894” by Mary Ann Haagen
“A Tribute to Former Trustee John Hillberg (1940-2010)”
“Stone Mill Restoration Continues” – John O’Donnell is Repairing Windows

Summer 2010, Vol. XX No. 3
Cover: “A Murder in Enfield, by Arthur Gagnon, Jr.
“Shaker Workshops Donates 50 Reproduction Drawers” by Carolyn A. Smith

Spring 2010, Vol. XX No. 2
Cover: “Enfield Shakers and Their Contribution to the Industrial Revolution” by Mary Rose Boswell
“Restoration of the Built-in Cabinets of the Great Stone Dwelling” by Sara Chase
“Progress on the Great Stone Dwelling” – Both Staircases to be Entirely Restored

Winter 2010, Vol. XX No. 1
Cover: “A Woman of the World” by Ilyon Woo

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2009

Fall 2009, Vol. XVIX No. 4
Cover: “Henry Cumings and the Public Press” by Mary Ann Haagen

Summer 2009, Vol. XVIX No. 3
Cover: “Discovering the Refinements of the Great Stone Dwelling” by James L. Garvin

Spring 2009, Vol. XVIX No. 2
Cover: “Enfield Sap Buckets, Revisited” by Robert P. Emlen

Winter 2009, Vol XVIX No. 1
Cover: “Mary Keane Chapel and the Casavant Organ” by George Butler
“Adopt A Window!” – New Storm Windows Installed on Great Stone Dwelling

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2008

Fall 2008, Vol. XVIII No. 3
Cover: Archaeological Excavations at Shaker Sites” by David R.Starbuck, Ph.D.

Summer 2008, Vol. XVIII No. 2
Cover: “The New Hampshire Bishopric” by Mary Rose Boswell

Spring 2008, Vol. XVIII No. 1
Cover: “Maple Sugaring: A Rite of Spring” by Glendyne R. Wergland

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2007

Fall 2007, Vol. XVII No. 4
Cover: “Robert Leavitt and His Enfield Shaker Friends” by Cynthia Barton

Summer 2007, Vol. XVII No. 3
Cover: “Enfield Shaker Meals” by Galen Beale
“Sage Thoughts: Kitchen Herbs – from the Garden to the Table” by Happy Griffiths
“Wooden Water Pipe Found on Site” by Galen Beale

Spring 2007, Vol. XVII No. 2
Cover: “The Great Stone Dwelling: A Testament to the Shakers’ Vision” by Mary Boswell
“Sage Thoughts: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)” by Happy Griffiths
“Mary Keane Chapel Gets Emergency Repairs”

Winter 2007, Vol. XVII No. 1
Cover: “Sister Flora Appleton” by Darryl Thompson
“Save the Great Stone Dwelling” by Mary Ann Haagen

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2006

Summer 2006, Vol. XVI No. 2
Cover: “Reminiscences of Shakers I knew” by George Ulysses Lincoln Leavitt
“Historical Marker Commemorating Enfield Shakers is Installed” by Chief Peter Giese

Spring 2006, Vol. XVI No. 1
Cover: “New Hampshire’s Shaker Villages” by Susan Maynard
“Shaker Swing Returns to Museum”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2005

Summer 2005, Vol. XV No. 3
Cover: “A Grand Edifice” by Issac Hill
“Bringing It Home” – Museum to Move into the Great Stone Dwelling this Spring

Spring 2005, Vol. XV No. 2
Cover: “Shakerism and the Godhead” by Arthur Gagnon, Jr.
“Sage Thoughts: Garlic (Allium sativum)” by Happy Griffiths
“A Very Short History of the East Brethren’s Shop”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2004

Fall 2004, Vol. XV No. 1
Cover: “An Intimate Look at the Shaker Family One Hundred Years Ago” by Robert P. Emlen
“Museum Acquisitions Update” – Enfield Shaker Work Table

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2003

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2002

Fall 2002, Vol. XIV No. 4
Cover: “‘And here, Elder Daniel, is where I stand.’ Letters of Elder Abraham Perkins” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Museum on the Move: Aggressive Campaign to Restore Museum Building Begins with ‘Painting Bees'”

Summer 2002, Vol. XIV No. 3
Cover: “The Shaker Bridge” by Galen Beale
“Sage Thoughts: Lovage (Levisticum officinale)” by Happy Griffiths

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2001

Fall 2001, Vol. XIII No. 2
Cover: “Museum Celebrates Unprecedented Donations of Artifacts in 2001″
Sage Thoughts: Herbal Teas” by Happy Griffiths

Spring 2001, Vol. XIII No. 1
Cover: “Enfield Shaker Museum Wins Barn Preservation Grant”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 2000

Fall 2000, Vol. XII No. 1
Cover: “Museum to Produce Walking Tour of Downtown Enfield, New Hampshire
“Wendell Hess Memorial Maple Tree”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1999

Summer 1999, Vol. XI No. 3
Cover: “The Ann Tarney Collection” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Sage Thoughts: Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa)” by Happy Griffiths
“Facilities Improvements Include Site Work and Bell Wheel Restoration”

Spring 1999, Vol. XI No. 2
Cover: “Museum Buys Ministry House”
“Sage Thoughts: Calendula (Calendula officinalis), by Happy Griffiths
“Long Live the Apple, Part II” by Galen Beale

Winter 1999, Vol. XI No. 1
Cover: “Long Live the Apple” by Galen Beale

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1998

Fall 1998, Vol. X No. 3
Cover: “Pontine Movement Theater Coming to Enfield “Journey to Heaven: The Shaker Way”
“Sage Thoughts: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)” by Happy Griffiths

Summer 1998, Vol. X No 2
Cover: “Building for Eternity: The Enfield Shakers Construct a Stone Dwelling House” by Robert P. Emlen
“Sage Thoughts: Native Americans and the Shakers” by Happy Griffiths

Winter 1998, Vol. X No 1
Cover: “Shaker Inn at the Great Stone Dwelling to Open in May”

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1997

Fall 1997, Vol. IX No. 3
Cover: “Museum Buys Historic Core”
“A Dream Come True”

Summer 1997, Vol. IX No. 2
Cover: “‘Precious Gospel Kindred’ Exhibit Opens June 28th”
“Sage Thoughts: Museum’s New Raised Bed Garden” by Happy Griffiths
“The Mob at Enfield – Part 2” by Elizabeth A. DeWolfe
“Shaker Property is Sold at Auction; Museum-Owned Buildings Not Part of Sale” – Great Stone Dwelling, Mary Keane Chapel, West Brethren’s Shop, East Brethren’s Shop and the Shaker Museum Gardens Sold at Auction

Spring 1997, Vol. IX No. 1
Cover: “The Mob at Enfield – Part I” by Elizabeth A. DeWolfe
“Sage Thoughts: Thyme – The Herb of the Year” by Happy Griffiths
“Manuscript Volume given to Library” – Collected at the North Family, Enfield 1839-1924

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1996

Winter 1996, Vol. VIII, No. 2
Cover: “The Enfield Shakers’ Gift of Song” by Mary Ann Haagen
“Sage Thoughts: Herbal Gift Ideas” by Happy Griffiths

Winter/Spring 1996, Vol. VIII No. 1
Cover: “Enfield Shakers Welcomed the Railroad” by Wendell Hess
“Sage Thoughts: Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla and Chamaemelum nobile)” by Happy Griffiths
“New England Winters Never Change…” Excerpts from Seth Bradford’s Journal 1843

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1995

Fall 1995, Vol. VII No. 2
Cover: “Scrumptious Shaker Spuds: 1839 in Enfield” by Daniel Eastman
“Sage Thoughts: Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea)” by Happy Griffiths
“From Shaker Autumns Past…” by Nicholas Briggs
“Restoration and Curatorial Activities” – Stone Mill Building Focus of Activity

Summer 1995, Vol. VII No. 1
Cover: “The Cooperage Industry of Enfield’s North Family” by Galen Beale
“Sage Thoughts: Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1994

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1993

Autumn 1993, Vol. VI No. 4
Cover: “An Extra Good Crop” – Excerpts from Seth Bradford’s Journal 1837-1849 compiled by Becky Powell
“Sage Thoughts: Natural Insect Repellents” by Happy Griffiths
“Museum Receives Unusual Sieve”

Summer 1993, Vol. VI No. 3
Cover: “The 1854 Cow Barn: A Closer Look” by John Taylor
“Sage Thoughts: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)” by Happy Griffiths
“Summer – 101 Years Ago” by Ella Briggs

Spring 1993, Vol. VI No. 2
Cover: “The Stone Machine Shop – Church Family, 1849” by Wendell Hess
“Sage Thoughts: Aromatherapy” by Happy Griffiths
“Museum Acquires Buildings and Artifacts; Land Preserved” – Stone Machine Shop and West Meadow Barn

Winter 1993, Vol. VI No. 1
Cover: “A Day Amongst the Pines” by Henry Cumings
“Sage Thoughts: Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)” by Happy Griffiths

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1992

October 1992, Vol. V No. 1
Cover: “The Young and Tender Buds: Children in Shaker Life” by Mary Ann Wilde
“Sage Thoughts: Herbal Vinegars” by Happy Griffiths
“What’s Next for Museum’s Home?” – Historic Structures Report Needed

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1991

Spring/Summer 1991, Vol. IV No. 2
Cover: “The Real Shaker Sweater” by Jean Burks
“Sage Thoughts: Everlasting Flowers” by Happy Griffiths

Winter 1991, Vol. IV No. 1
Cover: “The Enfield Shaker Rooms at Winterthur Museum” by Robert P. Emlen
“Sage Thoughts: Sage (Salvia officinalis)” by Happy Griffiths
Laundry/Dairy Update” – Heat and Lights Donated

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1990

Summer 1990, Vol. III No. 3
Cover: “Dr. Brown Has a method peculiar to himself of extracting the acid of Valerian…” by Galen Beale
“Sage Thoughts: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)” by Happy Griffiths
“A Case for Preservation” – 1854 Cow Barn, 1880 Ministry Shop, and 1819 East Brethren Shop Offered for Sale
“Laundry/Dairy News” – New Shaker Store is Open for Business

Winter 1990, Vol. III No. 2
Cover: “Our home-made cloth is much better…” by Becky Powell
“Sage Thoughts: Planning An Herb Garden” by Happy Griffiths
“Laundry/Dairy News” – The Move is Complete

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1989

Fall 1989, Vol. III, No. 1
Cover: “The Bridge to Enfield” by Frances K. Childs
“Sage Thoughts: Scented Geraniums” by Happy Griffiths
“Laundry/Dairy News” – Our Move is Going Forward

Summer 1989, Vol. II No. 4
Cover: “To Deceive No Purchaser” – The Enfield Shaker Seed Business by Kyle Roberts
“Sage Thoughts: Roses” by Happy Griffiths
“Museum Receives Important Donation” – An Intact Enfield Shaker Seed Box
“Museum on the Move”

Spring 1989, Vol. II No. 3
Cover: “O Hear Their Music Ring” by Mary Ann Wilde
“Sage Thoughts: The Apple” – Antique Apple Trees Planted Next to Museum Herb Garden by Happy Griffiths
“Laundry/Dairy Building Update” – Negotiations are Going Forward

Winter 1989, Vol. II, No. 2
Cover: “A Move Without Much Ceremony” – Moving the Currier’s Shop in 1852
“Sage Thoughts: Successful Seed Raising” by Happy Griffiths
“Volunteers Dig for Shaker Treasure” – In the Parking Area Next to the Laundry/Dairy Building

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1988

Fall 1988, Vol. II No. 1
Cover: “A Reluctant Mother, A Miraculous Path and Other Mysteries” by Elaine P. Loft
“Sage Thoughts: Potpourri” by Happy Griffiths

Spring/Summer 1988, Vol I, No. 4
Cover: “& So We Go Along” by Douglas C. Leitch
“Sage Thoughts: Companion Planting” by Happy Griffiths
“Twelve Foot Water Pipe Donated”

Winter 1988, Vol I, No. 3
Cover: “Sister Fannie Fallon: A Shaker School Teacher” by Wendell Hess
“Sage Thoughts: Rosemaries (Rosmarinus officinalis)” by Happy Griffiths
“In the Sap Bush: An Extraordinary Sugar Season at North Family Shakers in 1881” by Henry Cumings
“Holy Ground Dig Update” by Greg Schwartz

“The Friends’ Quarterly” 1987

Fall 1987, Vol. I No. 2
Cover: “Spiritual Feasts: A Shaker Tradition” by Greg Schwartz
“Sage Thoughts: The Year the Herb Gardens Returned to Lower Shaker Village” by Happy Griffiths

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