Mary Keane Chapel

1929 – 1932

The Mary Keane Chapel dates from the post-Shaker era at the Church Family site. Designed by Donat R. Baribault of Springfield, Massachusetts, the chapel was built for the Brothers of the La Salette Order with funds donated by their benefactress, Mary Keane.

Mary Keane, who had inherited a fortune from her uncle, pledged that fortune to assist the La Salette’s in the establishment of a French language seminary in Enfield. Her wealth helped purchase the former Shaker community, renovate the building for La Salette’s use, and build the Mary Keane Chapel.

She died in 1932 and is the only woman buried in the La Salette cemetery, which can be seen just north of the museum’s herb gardens and next to the Shaker cemetery.

The Latin inscription over the portico means “Go Therefore Teach All Nations” and relates to the La Salette’s objectives as a missionary order. The sanctuary features an organ built by Joseph Casavant, the first organ builder born in Canada, who began his career in 1840. The company has since achieved international status. The stained-glass windows, made by Zettler Studio of Munich, Germany, relate the Seven Sorrows of Mary as well as the history of the La Salettes and the miracle on which the Order was founded. When the La Salettes sold the property in 1985, the Roman Catholic Church deconsecrated the chapel.