West Meadow Barn


The area on the west side of modern New Hampshire Route 4A contained several structures used as workspaces by the Church Family Brethren. Centered around an open mill yard, this area contained a variety of agricultural and industrial buildings which served the needs of the community. Among the structures that once stood here were the 1806 Tannery, 1817 Blacksmith Shop, 1817 Hen House, 1817 1817 Sheep Shed, 1817 Hog House, 1817 Horse Barn,1825 Wood Mill, 1825 Corn Barn, 1830 Cart Shed, and the 1846 Broom Shop.

Today, only two structures remain of the Church Family buildings which were located on the western side of route 4A.

Located across from the Stone Machine Shop on the South Side of the stream is the West Meadow Barn. Constructed in 1856, very little is known about this structure. An 1858 history of the community briefly mentions that construction began in 1856 on a “barn in the meadow.”