Brother John Bradford, one of three Trustees featured in an exhibit at Enfield Shaker Museum.
Brother John Bradford (1863-1904).

Enfield Shaker Trustees 1795-1904: Faithful Stewards

During the 19th century, three Shaker brothers served as First Trustee of the Church Family at Enfield Shaker Village: Nathaniel Draper (1795-1821), Caleb Marshall Dyer (1824-1863), and John Bradford (1863-1904). Each man faced challenges unique to his generation. Fortunately, all three shared a selfless devotion to their faith and to the trust placed in them.

They conducted business, executed contracts, purchased property, indentured children, represented the community in the courts, and appointed persons to serve under them as associate trustees, deacons, and deaconesses.

The exhibit is supported by previously unpublished documents, photographs, and Enfield, NH Shaker furniture, primarily with artifacts from the Enfield Shaker Museum collection, as well as loans from Canterbury Shaker Village, Shaker Museum, and several private collectors.

“Enfield Shaker Trustees 1795-1904: Faithful Stewards” was designed and installed by Museum volunteers Mary Ann Haagen and Carolyn Smith, with assistance from curator Michael O’Connor.

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