History Alive Program for 6th through 12th Grade Students

Enfield Shaker Museum invites your middle school through high school students to participate in an interdisciplinary day-long visit to the Museum as part of their Social Studies education.

For many years, the History Alive program has been focused on fourth and fifth grade students. Since 2018, we have been offering an expanded version of the program for students from sixth through twelfth grade. This expansion allows the Museum to use Shaker studies as a basis to discuss such topics as nineteenth-century Shaker values, the Shakers place in 19th century American life, the economics of a Shaker village, education of Shaker children, and why the Shakers declined.

The Enfield, NH Shakers lived and prospered in Enfield from 1782 until 1923. A total of eighteen original Shaker buildings are existent with nine of them currently part of the Enfield Shaker Museum. The Shakers were models in their time for fine craftsmanship and creative inventions. They were known for their integrity in business, stewardship of their land, equality of the sexes and races, and their dedication to working cooperatively for the benefit of the group. These core values remain as relevant today as they were two hundred years ago.

Programs can be tailored to the curriculum or interests of an individual school or class. Past field trip themes have included utopia vs dystopia, nineteenth-century daily life, and Shaker craftsmanship. All groups will be able to work with the Museum’s Education Coordinator prior to their visit to ensure the best possible experience for their students.

To arrange an on-site or classroom program please fill out our online application. If you have any questions, please contact the Museum at (603) 632-4346 or email education@shakermuseum.org.

Cost is $10.00 per student. Admissions and school transportation grants are available.

We look forward to sharing the unique history of the Shakers with you and your students!