Caroline Whitcher
Carte de Visite, Eldress Caroline Whitcher
W. G. C. Kimball, Photographer, Concord, NH, ca. 1880
Collection of Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield, MA.

Eldress Caroline Whitcher

b. 21 January 1822 Andover, New Hampshire
d. 15 March 1902 Enfield, New Hampshire

For more than half a century, Caroline Whitcher filled important leadership roles in Enfield’s Church Family. Whether serving as deaconess, nurse, Eldress, or First Trustee she applied her intellect and her profound Shaker faith to the practical and the spiritual needs of her community. As an active Trustee, she was widely known and respected. At home, the Shakers in Enfield depended on her strength of character and the wisdom of her counsel and judgment. She was a true and loving teacher, counselor and companion, and a sympathetic friend and sister.
She would often say,
“As a child I loved the people, as an adult I love and revere
the principles by which the Church is guided and most
willingly I consecrate my life to the maintenance of them.”