Leave a Legacy

Throughout our lives, we support the institutions and organizations that reflect our values and beliefs. A planned gift to the Enfield Shaker Museum is an opportunity to continue your support as part of your legacy and have a lasting impact on generations to come!

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the impact a planned gift from your estate could have on the Museum.

How is my gift used?

Gifts to the Museum help care for our historic buildings and grounds, protect our collection of Shaker artifacts, and provide engaging and enriching educational programs for visitors of all ages.

You can leave a general gift to the Museum to be used as needed, or you can choose exactly how you would like your gift to be used!

For example, you may want your gift to go directly toward an educational program or toward the preservation of the buildings. You can designate your gift to a specific fund or to be used toward a specific project.


There are many ways to continue your legacy for generations to come.


Leave a Gift In Your Will
The most popular and simplest planned gift is a leave a gift in your will. It can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your residuary estate.

Leave a Gift to the Collection
A gift of a Shaker artifact can be made during your life or as part of a will.

Leave a Gift Through Life Insurance Policy
You can designate the Museum as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Give a Gift by Creating a Trust
Donors can create a special type of trust known as a charitable remainder trust to distribute cash or appreciated securities. You can enjoy increased income from these assets during your life and receive a significant tax deduction for the actuarially computed value of the remainder of the trust, which will pass to the Museum at the donor’s death.


When choosing to leave a gift to the Museum, please note that our legal name is Chosen Vale Inc.

We’re happy to help you develop your legacy plan, but you should speak with your financial or investment advisor or an attorney to develop the specifics for making any of these gifts, as we can’t offer financial or tax advice. 



To learn more, please contact the Development Coordinator by phone at 603-632-4346 or email us at development@shakermuseum.org.