Capital Campaign for La Salette Shrine

Capital Campaign for La Salette Shrine.

“Together Again” is the theme for Enfield Shaker Museum’s campaign to purchase the 28-acre La Salette Shrine in Enfield, New Hampshire.

In 1927, the Shakers sold the property, a small portion of the large Shaker Village, to the Missionaries of La Salette. The site now consists of five Shaker buildings, two La Salette buildings, and a beautiful hillside shrine.

The last religious service will take place on September 19th.
La Salette will be leaving Enfield forever on September 30th.

Enfield Shaker Museum has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire this important historic and religious landmark, protecting it from destructive development and bringing the the Shaker site together again.

Speaking for Enfield Shaker Museum, Board of Trustees Chair Carolyn Smith stated, “The Museum feels really strongly that it’s our mission to protect the property the La Salettes now own and that it has to stay as local public land, and not developed.”

“Together Again” campaign chair Mary Ann Haagen said, “The Museum needs to raise the funds by the end of September to cover the purchase price, to fund urgent repairs, and to preserve this special place for generations to come.”

The Museum is counting on residents of the Upper Valley, past and present visitors to the museum, and all those who hope to see this property protected, to make a generous contribution to this campaign. All gifts are appreciated, no matter the amount.

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