Carol Medlicott Receives Prize

Carol Medlicott Receives Prize.

During the Spring Shaker Forum, held at Enfield Shaker Museum April 21-23, Carol Medlicott was awarded the Shaker Workshops Prize for her presentation entitled, “Fall on the rock”: Excavating a Shaker Spiritual Motif.” In her talk, Dr. Medlicott revealed the early western Shaker origin of this popular gift song and tied its roots both to the New Testament (Matthew 21:44) and also to an incident in the life of Father James Whittaker, an early Shaker leader.

Carol Medlicott is an Associate Professor in the Department of History & Geography at Northern Kentucky University. She also serves as Interpretive Consultant at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, KY. In addition, Dr. Medlicott has been the Editor-in-Chief of “Communal Societies: Journal of the Communal Studies Association”. She is the author of many articles and books on the Shakers, including Issachar Bates: A Shaker’s Journey. She is currently serving as a member of Enfield Shaker Museum’s Board of Trustees.