Enfield Shaker Museum Buys La Salette Shrine

Enfield Shaker Museum Buys La Salette Shrine.

Thanks to 344 donors in 24 states, Enfield Shaker Museum raised just over $2 million in only seven weeks and purchased the former La Salette Shrine on Friday, September 29th!

The property consists of five historic Shaker North Family buildings–the Trustees’ Office, Laundry, Wood House, and two barns, as well as two La Salette structures, and a hillside shrine on 28 acres.

The North Family was where newcomers came to try the Shaker life, so the Museum now has the unique opportunity to tell their story, as well as the story of Shaker leaders like Brother Henry Cummings and Sister Nancy Ann Morse who guided those newcomers (and their children) into the Shaker way.

Enfield Shaker Museum now consists of 14 original Shaker buildings on 60 acres along NH Route 4A in Enfield, New Hampshire.

This a day to celebrate!