New Bibiography Available at Forum

New Bibiography Available at Forum.

From Randy Ericson: “I am very pleased to announce that the new Shaker
bibliography, The Shakers: A Bibliography has been sent to the printer
and will be available at the Spring Shaker Forum at Enfield Shaker Museum,
beginning April 21. It has been 48 years since Mary Richmond’s bibliography
was published. During that time much research has been completed on the
Shakers with an enormous number of books and articles being published. We
have spent 15 years uncovering works appropriate for this bibliography. The
17,540 entries in this bibliography (four volumes, more than 2,350 pages)
hopefully will open new avenues of research for Shaker scholars.
Of these entries, 8,453 are by the Shakers and 9,097 about the Shakers.

The Shakers: A Bibliography was compiled by a team of four people–
Randall L. Ericson, Christian Goodwillie, David D. Newell, and Cassandra B. Nawocki.

Available at $150 for the set (less 10% percent for Enfield Shaker Museum Members).