“Together Again” Campaign At $1.5 Million

“Together Again” Campaign At $1.5 Million.

Enfield Shaker Museum’s fund-raising campaign to purchase the La Salette property in Enfield, New Hampshire has now reached the mid-point at $1,522,000.

The property consists of five historic Shaker buildings, two La Salette structures, and a hillside shrine–all on a 28-acre parcel that was sold by the Enfield Shakers to the Missionary Order of La Salette in 1927. The site was known to the Shakers as the “North Family”. Enfield Shaker Museum owns an adjacent parcel known as the “Church Family”. This purchase with bring the two sites together again, protecting it from indifferent and destructive development.

Acquisition of the La Salette property offers:
– continued access to a beloved community-valued landscape
– maintenance of undeveloped open spaces
– preservation and restoration of historic Shaker buildings
– an enriched on-site experience for Museum visitors
– opportunities for expanded Museum programming

The Museum will grant a right-of-way to the Town of Enfield for the new bike and pedestrian corridor along NH Route 4A.

Enfield Shaker Museum needs to raise $3,000,000 to cover the purchase price, to fund urgent repairs, and to preserve this special place for generations to come.

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