Weather-Wise: The Great Snow of 1717

Weather-Wise: The Great Snow of 1717

Get ready for more weather and climate related posts as our staff continues to research historic weather for our Weather-Wise 2021 programming! In a recent social media post, we mentioned New Lebanon Shaker Sister Melinda Welch, who recollected from her childhood a large snowstorm in New England in 1717. The...

Virtual Tuesday Tour: Dwelling with the Shakers

Are you sick of looking at the rooms in your house? If so, join Education Coordinator Kyle Sandler for a virtual Tuesday tour of Enfield Shaker retiring rooms. The video will include the answers to many pressing questions: How many Shakers shared a room? What kind of bedroom furniture did...

Ann Lee and the Rights of Women

On October 18,1893, the Enfield Shakers celebrated the community’s centennial with a day of speeches and sermons in the 1793 Meeting House. One of these commemorative addresses was delivered by Sister Isabella Russell. At the pivotal moment in her address, Russell described the important role that Ann Lee played as...

Online Tuesday Tour: Shaker Basements

Join Education Coordinator Kyle Sandler for a behind-the-scenes online tour at Enfield Shaker Museum. In this video, we will explore the basements of several buildings at the Museum while discussing Shaker construction and use.

Tuesday Tour: Shaker Attics

Join our Museum Education Coordinator for a video tour of Shaker attics. We will explore the attics of several buildings at the Museum while discussing architectural details and the roles these spaces played in the daily life of the Enfield Shaker community.

Online Tuesday Tour: Great Stone Dwelling

In the mid-nineteenth century, Giles Avery, Freegift Wells, Nancy Moore, and other Shakers visited the Enfield Church Family’s brand new stone dwelling house. By reading their journals, we have gained critical insight into the characteristics of the Great Stone Dwelling. Following in the footsteps of those illustrious visitors, Education Coordinator...